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Finance is the language of business understood by few. Understanding the language, tools and techniques is essential to business survival, competitive performance and building a successful career.
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Management and Leadership

One of the most important investments a company can make is in its management team. Studies show that up to 80% of employees leave an organisation due to ineffective and poor management, costing companies millions of rands each year.
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We all know IT is a language of its own, but it is an essential component of our lives. Why fight technology and all that it has to offer. Embrace it, learn to work with it and start using it to its full potential.
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Sound financial management is a crucial factor in the survival of any business and it starts with effective bookkeeping.

All businesses, no matter which industry or how large or small, are required to maintain a set of 'books' and submit tax returns. This requires the recording of all the financial transactions of a business, by a competent bookkeeper. So, if you are methodical, well organised, and looking for an Internationally Recognised Qualification, bookkeeping could be the career for you.
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